Lucy Makes a Hit with John Ritter
Season 1, Episode 2
Vital statistics
Air date September 27, 1986
Written by Bob Carroll, Jr.
Madelyn Martin
Directed by Peter Baldwin
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"Lucy Makes a Hit with John Ritter" is the second episode of Life With Lucy. It aired September 27, 1986.


John Ritter walks in on a normal day, wanting doorknobs. Lucy manages to injur him and takes him back to the house, where she, Margo, and Becky drool over him. Lucy decides to make him a healthy snack, which he reluctantly eats by Lucyforce-feeding it food into him. John invites Lucy to his play, where the leading lady quits. Lucy fills in at the last minute and makes it a success.


  • Lucille Ball as Lucille Barker
  • Gale Gordon as Curtis McGibbon
  • Ann Dunesberry as Margo Barker McGibbon
  • Larry Anderson as Ted McGibbon
  • Jenny Lewis as Becky McGibbon
  • Philip J. Amelio II as Kevin McGibbon
  • Donovan Scott as Leonard Stoner

Special Guest StarEdit

  • John Ritter as himself


  • During filming, John Ritter made Lucy laugh so hard, she yelled cut and had to calm down.