Lucy is a Sax Symbol
Season 1, Episode 5
Vital statistics
Air date October 25, 1986
Written by Arthur Marx
Robert Fisher
Directed by Peter Baldwin
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Lucy Gets Her Wires Crossed Lucy Makes Curtis Byte the Dust
"Lucy is a Sax Symbol" is the fifth episode of Life With Lucy. It aired October 25, 1986.


When Lucy finds her old saxophone while trying to find stuff for a garage sale, she encourages Becky to play it. However, Becky finds playing it unsatifying and Curtis finds it unsatifying listening to it.


  • Lucille Ball as Lucille Barker
  • Gale Gordon as Curtis McGibbon
  • Ann Dusenberry as Margo Barker McGibbon
  • Larry Anderson as Ted McGibbon
  • Jenny Lewis as Becky McGibbon
  • Philip J. Amelio II as Kevin McGibbon
  • Donovan Scott as Leonard Stoner


  • This plot is a reference to an I Love Lucy episode.
  • The garage sale happens in Lucy, Leagle Beagle.