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Life With Lucy was Lucille Ball's fourth and last television sitcom that unfortunately failed both critically and audience wise. Edit and Create to your heart's content (just make sure it's right or widely theorized/accepted).

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Lucille Ball was a television pioneer. She was born August 6, 1911 and became interested in acting at a young age. She moved to Hollywood in the 1930's to be an MGM girl, and later went into other roles also at RKO. After being fired by MGM in 1946, Lucy starred as Liz Cooper in the CBS radio sitcom, My Favorite Husband. In 1950, CBS wanted Lucy to transfer the show to television, which was growing in popularity at the time. Lucy said yes on one condition- she work with her first husband, musician-actor Desi Arnaz (1917-1986). CBS refused to due to Arnaz being Cuban. After proving successful in theater, CBS accepted Ball and Arnaz's show,produced by their newly founded production company, Desilu, which was to be called I Love Lucy. The show primeried on October 15, 1951, co-starring William Frawley and Vivian Vance (who greatly disliked eachother). The show transferred to five one-hour specials per season in 1957. The show ended when Ball filed for divorce from Arnaz in March 1960. In 1962, when Desilu had most of it's shows cancelled (The Untoutchables on ABC was the only hit left), Ball returned to television. However, Arnaz did not want to return to television, since Ball remmarried comedian, Gary Morton. Vance reluctantly agreed to do the show and Frawley was on another CBS show, My Three Sons. The Lucy Show lasted for six seasons and was succeded by Here's Lucy for six more seasons. After 23 years, Ball did not want to continue.

In 1986, ABC asked Ball to return to television. Ball agreed and brought along Gale Gordon, who co-starred with her in her later two shows. Aaron Spelling was called in to help create the show, along with Lucy writers, Bob Carroll, Jr. and Madelyn Martin. The series was a flop, and only aired eight of fourteen episodes. Ball plumeted into a depression, upset that the public did not want her to do a TV show. Her last appearence was at the 1989 Academy Awards on March 29, 1989- 27 days before she died on April 26, 1989 at 77.

Life with Lucy centered around Lucille Barker, a widow in her mid-seventies living in Pasadena, California. Lucy has a half-interest in a hardware store, left to her by her deceased husband, Sam (the only one of Lucy's deceased husbands to be mentioned by name). Lucy insists on helping in the store, much to the annoyance of Curtis McGibbon (Gale Gordon), Sam Barker's business partner, who dislikes her. Lucy's daughter, Margo (Ann Dunnesberry), is married to Curtis' son, Ted (Larry Anderson). Lucy moves into their home to help take care of her grandchildren, Becky (Jenny Lewis) and Kevin (Phillip Amelio II). When Curtis hears this, he also moves in, thus the show's title.

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