One Good Grandparent Deserves Another
Season 1, Episode 1
Vital statistics
Air date September 20, 1986
Written by Bob Carroll, Jr.
Madelyn Davis
Directed by Peter Baldwin
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"One Good Grandparent Deserves Another" is the first episode of Life With Lucy. It aired September 20, 1986.


Lucille Barker (Lucille Ball) has run the store left to her by her deceased husband, Sam, while Sam's business partner, Curtis McGibbon (Gale Gordon), is on vacation in Hawaii and the employee, Leonard Stoner (Donovan Scott), is out with the flu. Lucy moves in with her daughter, Margo (Ann Dusenberry), and son-in-law, Ted (Larry Anderson), who is Curtis' son. Curtis arrives home with presents for the family, including the

Lucy, Becky, and Kevin

ir grandchildren, Becky (Jenny Lewis) and Kevin (Philip J. Amelio II), where he finds out Lucy has moved in and is running the store! Curtis is forced to work with Lucy- who does many stuff in the store to annoy Curtis- she alphabetizes the all the items in store, buys a jumbo fire extingushire, and she forgets to pick up Becky & Kevin from school. When a cigarrette catches fire, Lucy uses the extinguisher to put it out, which causes a huge mess in the store. She gets chewed out by Margo and Ted at home, when Curtis furiously bursts in, announcing he is going to move in, with a surprised Lucy gasping.


  • Lucille Ball as Lucille Barker
  • Gale Gordon as Curtis McGibbon
  • Ann Dusenberry as Margo Barker McGibbon
  • Larry Anderson as Ted McGibbon
  • Jenny Lewis as Becky McGibbon
  • Philip J. Amelio II as Kevin McGibbon
  • Donovan Scott as Leonard Stoner

Guest StarringEdit

  • Ruth Kobart as Mrs. Finley